TI’s MSP432 MCU Provides 32-bit High-Performance, Low-Power Capability: Page 2 of 2

this Example MCU-Based Design for Low Power Operation?

There is a GUI that allows the same control functions to be implemented with the addition of color mixing. Software slider controls and pushbuttons provide a convenient UX (user experience) for the embedded designer to interact with the MSP432 Launchpad easily.

If downloading additional software tools on your desktop PC or notebook computer is a concern, TI has developed a cloud where all of the MSP432 software, user guides, and application notes can be obtained conveniently. To obtain those and the TI Cloud tools, visit the following online resources:

I was able to develop a wireless DC motor controller easily using the MSP432 Launchpad and littleBits transmitter-receiver modules. I developed the control software for the wireless controller using the open-source Energia IDE. In future articles, I'll discuss the development of this wireless DC motor controller in detail, along with other hands-on MSP432 lab bench investigations and projects.

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