Smart Cities: New Tech Built on Ancient Needs: Page 2 of 2

Advances in Smart Cities technology are satisfying age-old needs for connected communities.

groups and interests have to be brought into agreement to fund the technology deployment. “Funding is a barrier. Sometimes that’s solved by a public and private partnership. Community buy-in drives a lot of these projects,” said Deodhar.



While Europe initially took the lead on developing Smart Cities, the growth now comes from Asia. “Generally, the number of projects coming out of Asia now dwarfs the number in Europe and the US. Asia is leapfrogging the regular city infrastructure with modernization since they’re creating new cities by scratch,” said Deodhar. “Europe and North America are close in their development. San Francisco, New York, Austin, Seattle, and Boston are the top cities in North America, but even cities like Kansas City coming up quite a bit.”

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"Smart Cities" brings to mind those cities described in the book "1984", written by Orwell a long while back. One major driver, not touted in this posting, is "sustainability", which is gained by moving people into much smaller dwellings much more closely packed. Of course, this would require much closer "regulation", another term for loss of personal freedoms. So while the technical challenges engage a bunch of eager engineers, the hidden agenda is actually incredibly ugly.

For those doubting this, search for "UN agenda 21" and see what I have described. While a loss of many personal freedoms will not bother those with an attention span so short that they never notice the loss, a large segment of humanity does not fit that description, and those folks would not find life in a world with vastly reduced human rights very enjoyable. So the smart city may be a fun project for some engineers, it may not be a good idea for anybody else.

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