Slideshow: Even More Messy Desks

  • Erich Voigt, an engineer in Cape Town, South Africa, says, "My Home Desk? Damn! It was here somewhere..."""
  • Voigt did not have a shortage of messy parts of his desk to capture on film (well, you know what I mean)!
  • Voigt, along with the photos of his workspace, also shared this quote: "Those who subscribe to a Clean Desk Policy can never experience the delight of finding something that was thought to be irretrievably lost!"" -- Author Unknown"
  • Voigt also shared the meaning of the word serendipity -- A happy accident, or a pleasant surprise; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.
  • In fact, Voigt says, "In the days I was still allowed to eat chocolate peanuts and raisins
  • Voigt sent in more photos, but we think you get the picture.
  • Mike Carter, an application engineer in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., wins the award for the messiest workspace in the bunch.
  • Another view of Carter's workspace.
  • Dave G. (last name withheld to maintain the status quo) calls his workspace his "man cave"" away from home
  • Eric Cam says this of his workspace: "I'm not proud of it but yes it is messy. Only three dismantled PCs

Sitting here behind my desk at the Massachusetts HQ of Design News one day, I thought -- what a mess! I found myself looking at a couple empty Coke cans, a half-empty water bottle, my tangled mess of a telephone cord, and more yellow Post-its than I care to count.

It got me thinking... If my desk is this messy (remember, I'm a magazine editor), what must the desks of our readers look like? Don't get me wrong, we've been down this road. My colleagues at EE Times, Brian Fuller and Alex Wolfe (formerly DN's content director), have outted all you messy engineers before.

But, I'm doing it again. I put the call out and four brave, albeit messy, engineers responded. Click on the link below to see photos of their workspaces (though I can't imagine how they actually get any work done)!

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