DesignCon Cartoon Caption Contest

Looks like this energetic engineer has impressed his coworkers, Chiphead included, with his amazing manual dexterity. The only thing this cartoon is lacking is a cleverly crafted caption – and for that we’re turning to you.


DesignCon 2017 Cartoon


Complete this cartoon with the perfect caption to explain what’s happening in this lab today – and hopefully give us all a good laugh in the process.

Submit your bit of witty wisdom in the comments field below. We will collect all of your humor, and hand them all off to our judges to winnow down to a choice group of finalists.

When DesignCon (January 31-February 2, 2017 in Santa Clara, CA) rolls around, the finalists will be posted along with a blow-up of the cartoon and everyone will have a chance to vote on the best caption of the bunch. In addition to major bragging rights for humor and run-away cleverness, the winner will receive an archive-worthy fully-colorized printout of the cartoon with their caption in place for all to see. Bragging rights included.

So enter your caption idea/s in the comments field below and let the humor begin!

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The members of the engineering team were relived when a qualified embedded engineer was found to replace the previous three.


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