Celebrate Your Smarts with ESC Minneapolis Keynote on Advancements in Human & Artificial Intelligence

Author and Engineer Ransom Stephens & AI expert Maria Gini will talk about advancing human and artificial intelligence for the future and the challenges posed by innovations.

World-renowned engineer, physicist, and author, Ransom Stephens , and Advanced Intelligence expert, Maria Gini , will take the keynote stage at ESC Minneapolis , November 8-9, 2017, where they will discuss advancing both human and artificial intelligence for the future of engineering and the obstacles that specialists will likely encounter.

"With these keynote speakers, ESC Minneapolis will explore expanding the intelligence and innovation of engineering, be that helping embedded systems designers broaden their own creativity through a neuroscience approach or through AI, widely expected to advance robotics rapidly in the coming years," Suzanne Deffree, content director for the Embedded Systems Conference series and Editor of Design News , says. "Open to all ESC registrants, these keynotes are complemented by more than 39 conference sessions across four educational tracks, plus AI demonstrations in the ESC Engineering Theater, offering attendees the opportunity to expand their own understanding of embedded design and the inspiration behind it."

Ransom Stephens, PhD

Stephens is a prominent physicist, engineer, inventor, and author. A pioneer in jitter analysis, he has invented new methods for extracting signals from noise and has served on several high data rate standards. His many best-selling books include The God Patent , The Sensory Deception, and his latest work The Left Brain Speaks, The Right Brain Laughs .

Ransom Stephens, keynote, ESC, Embedded Systems Conference, AI
Ransom Stephens, PhD

Stephens brings expert-level analysis to ESC by discussing the neural processes that turn insights into consciousness. He will also discuss the physics of lateral thought, the power of perspective, the value of novelty, and how your brain selects and rejects ideas. 

His presentation, The Keys to Innovation: Priming Your Brain to Percolate Brilliant Ideas , will cover methods for fine-tuning the balance of stress and confidence, concentration and distraction that prime our brains to overcome the challenges that technological innovators face. He will cover the neuroaesthetics or perceptions of what makes technological products and discoveries good, bad, and valuable.

"When you announce those two most satisfying syllables -- 'Aha!' -- it means that you're onto something, that you're close to solving a problem, a world-changing innovation, or a masterpiece of art, science, or engineering," says Stephens. "I'm totally psyched to present The Keys to Innovation: Priming Your Brain to Percolate Brilliant Ideas at ESC Minneapolis to my people, engineers. You're the only audience that understands the slide that uses an op-amp to show the feedback loop of innovation."

Following Stephens' keynote, the author will sign and distribute 50 copies of his latest book, The Left Brain Speaks, The Right Brain Laughs , as complimentary gifts to interested ESC attendees.

Maria Gini, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering - University of Minnesota

Maria Gini, ESC, Embedded Systems Conference, keynote, AI, University of Minnesota
Maria Gini

As a professor at the University of Minnesota, the Editor-in-Chief of Robotics and Autonomous Systems , and Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Gini brings expert insight into the future of AI to ESC Minneapolis.

Gini's presentation, Artificial Intelligence: What Will the Future Be? , examines the progress that AI has recently made and looks at the potential problems with incorporating robots into our society.

During the keynote, she

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