9 of the Best Fake Gadgets of 2017: Page 3 of 3

From ride-hailing wearables to invisible glasses and weather control, we look at the best prank products companies have announced so far this year.

Jenn-Air has introduced three new finishes for built-in refrigerators that take their cues from nature - Luxe Cashmere, Japanese Moss, and Carrara Marble, each made using natural alternatives to traditional faux finishes.

The Japanese Moss model (shown) for example, is inspired by the Imperial Gardens of Kyoto and is made using a strain of naturally-occurring moss that is suitable for indoors. The refrigerator features a special watering system that feeds cool water into the moss' root system. The company recommends that the refrigerator be placed in an area with northern light exposure for the best experience.  (Image source: Jenn-Air).

9. Coffee-Flavored Coffee Creamer

Yes, it's not a gadget, but many engineers and designers will tell you that a good cup of coffee is absolutely essential to their workday. Now you can add a new flavor to get your caffeine fix thanks to new coffee-flavored creamer being offered by Coffee-Mate. “... We're excited to offer a creamer that makes your tasty cup of Joe taste even more like coffee! The new creamer is the perfect way to transform your everyday cup with a creamy, roast coffee taste,” a statement from the company read. “ For our fans who have always dreamt of drinking coffee with a side of, well -- coffee, we've got your back!"



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Chris Wiltz is the Managing Editor of Design News.  


How could you have overlooked Quilted Northern's Rustic Weave Artisanal toilet paper? It's obviously a much more socially aware fake product than coffee-flavored creamer.

Quite an interesting collection of fake products indeed. But I have not seen any prior announcements about any of them. But certainly this is a tribute to some individual's creativity.

I challenge the assertion about a horn being used to express anger. The purpose and correct use of a horn is to alert others to a danger situation, such as movement into a blind spot where a vehicle is present, or wandering from a lane into an adjacent lane with a car in it. The horn is also for alerting a distracted pedestrian that they are stepping into traffic.

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