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Measuring the ROI on a collaborative robot acquisition requires comparing of human cost to the total cost of the machine over time.

Dillman. He noted that the ROI for robotics investment can’t be determined in general terms. The equation must be done on a task-by-task basis. “Calculating the ROI in general terms is not valid. You need specific cases along with resource comparisons.”

To learn more about calculating the ROI of robotics investment, you can attend Brian Dillman’s session, Getting the Best ROI Out of a Collaborative Robot, at the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing show in New York, June 13-15.

Images courtesy of Universal Robots.

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ATX East, Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, robotics CAN ROBOTS FILL THE SKILLS GAP?
 With labor costs increasing and robot costs declining, collaborative  robots have become an alternative to human labor in some cases.  They are becoming less expensive, more flexible, and increasingly  filling a skills and cost niche. But does that mean you'll get an easy ROI? Check out Brian Dillman's session, Getting the Best ROI out of a Collaborative Robot Register today  for the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing show , June 13-15 in NYC.


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