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Maintaining a creed of human over technology has served Apple and its co-founder Steve Wozniak well over the last four decades. In this Q&A, Wozniak discusses how making technology work for people brought about the Apple II and shares his thoughts on arti

Packard, so there were things you did not share. Once we started Apple for real, though, boy, we shared at first and we only got closed-up after the Apple II.

By the way, as far as open source goes, Apple’s biggest advances happen to coincide with the few times it was open. For example, we made the Macintosh open after Steve Jobs left. We worked really hard for three years to make the Macintosh a product that could substantiate our company.

When Steve returned, his big success was with the iPod and he allowed iTunes, our music program that worked with the iPod, to be written for Windows. So, Macintosh and Windows users could use an iPod. The iPod was the first time our company valuation doubled over the Apple II days and the board [of directors] gave Steve billions of dollars in stock and jet airplanes. But it was a case of openness.
The product that changed my life the most from Apple – I used to say the iPhone – but now I say the third-party Apps Store and that’s an open-thinking way. We allowed programmers a way to get in and write official programs for the iPhone.


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