Smart Building Automation Leverages System-Integrated, PC-Based Control : Page 2 of 2

Industrial standards for automation and control, multi-core processing and integration with media technologies offer new options for smart buildings.

control system architecture in the Sky Tower is based on standard PC-based control components: 156 redundant Ethernet TCP/IP bus couplers for individual room controls and the central HVAC controls, 413 digital input terminals for linking the room control panels, 525 digital output terminals and other terminals functioning as data collectors that interface with subsystems.

A special challenge for the HVAC systems in the building was to design them to be as flexible as possible to adapt for changing office concepts. The I/O system is based on modular bus terminals, and the design employed an EnOcean master terminal on the seventh floor of the tower. Even though the raised floor had proper wiring, various modifications by the tenant made it no longer accessible, but they were able to switch to a wireless communication solution.

The project also required the coordination of a number of different device technologies and a wide range of bus terminals and couplers. These included lighting (DALI), various meters (M-Bus, S0 interface), devices such as the forced-air ventilation system and the smoke extraction fans (Modbus), special buttons (KNX) and many radio-controlled actuators and sensors (EnOcean) on the Sky Tower’s 7th floor. The entire system is networked via fiber-optic cables using the TCP/IP communication protocol.

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