Siemens Preaches Gospel of Manufacturing ‘Digitalization’: Page 2 of 2

Automation giant's software platform aims to unite design, engineering, manufacturing.

week. “It’s been more bolted-on, rather than integrated and holistic.” Using Siemens end-to-end solution addresses that problem, he said.

Batra added that it’s often said that 80% of a part’s manufacturing costs are pre-determined during design. “That’s why you need to look at this holistically,” he said. “You should be looking at design as it ties to manufacturing.”

Siemens will roll out its new products and demonstrate the digitalization technology at EMO 2017 in Hanover, Germany, in September. The company plans to link 200 CNC machines at the tradeshow up to its cloud-based MindSphere operating system to show off its capabilities.


At EMO 2017 in Hanover, Germany in September, Siemens will link 200 CNC machines up to its cloud-based MindSphere operating system. (Source: Siemens AG)


Siemens believes the demo is key to helping design and manufacturing engineers comprehend the benefits of an end-to-end simulation environment. “What’s important here is to show the art of what’s possible in terms of digitalization,” Batra said.



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