OPC UA Technology Updates Include Microsoft Collaboration: Page 2 of 2

New developments include Azure IoT connectivity, an Industry 4.0 security analysis, a new European certification lab and Microsoft contributing an open source OPC UA stack.

will not only test the OPC UA functionalities but will also certify the implementation of OPC UA companion specifications which is the real key for Industrie 4.0 and IIoT Interoperability. It was reported that the first successful certified product was a Siemens RFID reader.  

Markets and Collaboration

One of the keys to the emergence of OPC UA has been its ability to create a broad series of technology collaborations with organizations and associations from a wide range of automation and industry groups. Key markets for the technology have expanded to include factory automation, building automation, energy, engineering, measurement and also diverse vertical market segments such as oil and gas, transportation and packaging. More information on these initiatives are available on the OPC website

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