New IoT Field Agents Enable Cloud Analytics: Page 2 of 2

Field Agents provide a rugged, pre-configured solution for secure data collection and machine connectivity to the cloud.

much wider range of physical assets at the Florence plant including HVAC, LED lighting, cranes, water flow meters, and electricity usage panels.

“This pilot is not only helping to prevent downtime in the shop, but it’s fully scalable to anywhere refills are necessary, and to other plants where similar needs are present,” said Michele Serpi, General Manager Sourcing in TMS at Oil & Gas.

In the broader deployment, Field Agent technology will enable GE to track all utility usage to help drive down energy costs. Assets will be monitored to predict and mitigate equipment failures and gauge machine performance. Analytics collected from the assets will allow the Florence facility to drive productivity in many ways including lighting management and water waste and leakage detection.

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