Mobile Technology’s Influence on Data Acquisition

Industrial users are starting to expect mobile access to measurement data, according to an article on mobile technology that is part of the recently released " Data Acquisition Technology Outlook 2013 " report from National Instruments (registration required).

The report states:

The worldwide proliferation of mobile devices has given people unlimited and instant access to information. Questions no longer go unanswered, as information is made available from anywhere, anytime. Mobile technology has created a natural expectation to have continuous access to information and it is now influencing the data acquisition market.

The report also quotes Jessy Cavazos, industry director for test and measurement at the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan:

Mobile computing devices are evolving and providing opportunities for wireless data acquisition systems. This is going to change the data acquisition market.

Though we may not be surprised by this trend or even by that bold prediction, they do raise questions about the impact of mobile technology on data acquisition methods and tools. In the data acquisition space, engineers are getting constant access to information, and they are using that access to achieve efficiency gains and in many cases avoid issues before they become costly. But mobile technology is also evolving quickly, so it is difficult to implement standards. The report concludes that engineers and scientists must enhance their skill sets by understanding the options for mobile integration and keeping tabs on the outlook for future mobile systems.

The article, "Mobile Technology's Influence on Data Acquisition," looks at, among other things, how recent platform developments are affecting test and measurement. The report highlights measurement options for mobile technology integration and how common solutions are starting to evolve. The most basic solution is using a mobile device to take handheld measurements, but another is to use the mobile device as a human-machine interface for remote measurement systems. Mobile security, one of the final topics covered in the report, has become an issue as more devices are used to connect to secure information.

The complete 20-page report presents a series of four articles that explore software and hardware technology trends impacting the data acquisition market. It is a must-read and a valuable resource, especially for those directly involved in data acquisition applications.

The other articles that are part of the report are:

  • Big Analog Data and Data Acquisition : "Differentiation is no longer about who can collect the most data; it's about who can quickly make sense of the data they collect."
  • Moore's Law at Work in Data Logging : "With the digital world we live in becoming more complex, we are demanding more from the systems recording the physical and electrical phenomena of today and tomorrow."
  • Emerging Bus Technologies : "New bus technologies are poised to evolve data acquisition systems and address the challenges of future measurement applications."

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