Machines Text and Tweet, Eliminates Need to Write Custom Code

Prebuilt software component provides ability for machines to “tweet” or send email using a configurable solution that eliminates the need to write custom code.

The ability to send to send text messages and/or email from a machine, triggered by specific events, is potentially an effective way to increase machine availability and limit downtime. The idea is that, by providing a configurable software block, users can create messages in just a few clicks.

A simple, obvious example would be an alarm message notifying a maintenance technician that there is a condition on the machine that demands immediate attention. The new mapp Tweet from B&R Industrial Automation also provides an ability to supplement the message with troubleshooting instructions that allow the technician to quickly and efficiently resolve the cause of the alarm. If the service technician isn't on site, they can connect to run remote diagnostics and adjust system parameters to resolve the error.

The mapp Tweet software block is just one example of how B&R has been expanding its mapp Technology software framework. The framework is a set of modular blocks that handle basic machine functions so that users, rather than writing lines and lines of code to create a user management system, alarm system or motion control functions, can simply configure a ready-made component.

Other new Mapp software components introduced this year are offering solutions in a wide range of areas such as safety, advanced closed loop algorithms and new tools for web-based HMIs.


mapp tweet and backup

The mapp technology software framework has added functions for sending automatic notifications that enable advanced maintenance concepts. Image source: B&R Industrial Automation


Web-enabled HMIs

State-of-the-art gesture control, custom content development and vendor-independent visualization are three key areas addressed in the mapp View software component for building web-enabled HMIs. Users can swipe between HMI screens, or use two fingers to zoom into details onscreen.

Two-hand operation opens up new functional possibilities, such as protecting critical input values and preventing unintentional equipment startup. All of the available gestures can be linked to various UI widgets available in the system. The number of UI widgets has also been expanded and can now be saved as a group to create small, predefined functional units to help create a common user experience.

Motion/Control Functions

Standard mapp components are available for programming single axes (mapp Axis) as well as for programming CNC machines (mapp CNC) and robotics applications (mapp Robotics).

One recent addition called mapp Crane is a component that enables large cranes to transport loads quickly without twisting or swinging out of control. An application that used to require custom code and elaborate calculations now can be addressed by configuring a pre-built component designed specifically for this type of control. One new technology area where mapp product development is expanding is in the safety domain.

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