Exploring the Megatrends in Automation and Control: Page 2 of 2

The megatrends in automation and control are long-term changes and shifts that will end up shaping the direction of industrial technology, processes and products.

Ethernet in Process Automation

A final area that stood out at the conference was ongoing work being done in conjunction with NAMUR on integration of EtherNet/IP with process automation applications. Sven Seintsch, the Manager of the Test Laboratory at Bilfiger Maintenance, laid out a detailed technical review of joint activities between ODVA and NAMUR, an international user association of automation technology in the process industries, to advance the adoption of industrial Ethernet in the process industries.

The goal of NAMUR’s investigation into Ethernet is to extend its application to traditional process field devices. Effective and easy-to-use Ethernet communication systems between the field level and the higher system levels, such as EtherNet/IP, has the potential to be a key factor in modern IoT and Industrie 4.0 solutions for the process industry.


Innovation in industrial automation and control has many different facets, and other topics including new Cloud connectivity technology, the DeviceNet of Things and new standards in the areas of safety and security would be worthy of further investigation.

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