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check the design. Now Diesel Technology engineers just rotate the 3-D computer model to get the same information, according to Ellis.

CAD simplifies the transition from manu-facturing, too. "CADKEY's model-to-drawing associativity provides big savings in time here," says Ellis. "As we change things in model mode, the changes automatically show up in all the detailed views in the layout mode. You are always working in your model, and the changes appear in your detail."

After Diesel Technology decided to purchase CADKEY, they added DRAFT-PAK, a product of Baystate Technologies, Marlborough, MA, and DMS-PRO from the van der Rouest Group, Santa Ana, CA. With DMS-PRO, the engineers can develop fasteners, screws, and bolts in DRAFT-PAK, while keeping complete track of every part file's creation, modification, and location in DMS-PRO.

According to Harold Wieland, engineering design manager, the different software packages work so well together, it seems as if the same people designed them all.

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