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surfaces. "If we were still using wet mastic adhesives today, the VOC issue alone might be reason enough to switch," says Purchasing Manager Clifford Wooley. "Mounting tapes eliminate solvents in the mastic, and solvents to clean up the mess."

Replacing liquid adhesive with tape also reduces waste, such as unused cured adhesive, says Wooley, which lowers disposal costs. In addition, the switch eliminates the need to monitor shelf-life.

PL engineers estimate that the tape reduces production time by almost 20 hours per vehicle. Because it bonds instantly, assemblers can release the vehicles immediately, instead of waiting 24 hours for the adhesive to cure. "We can produce one more vehicle per week with the same crew and facilities," says Stevenson. "It's like a 20% plant expansion without any capital investment."

Because the vehicles are subject to severe outdoor environments, the foam's closed-cell structure adds reliability to the body structure by providing a moisture barrier. The foam also serves as a more effective vibration damper than previously used adhesives, claim engineers.

IBM boosts workstation, parallel- processing performance

Somers, NY -IBM has unveiled what it calls the world's fastest under-$40,000 workstation: the RISC System/6000 Model 3CT, rated at 266.6 SPECfp92 and 130.2 SPECint92 with optional cache.

The 3CT, built around a 67-MHz POWER2 microprocessor, boosts floating-point performance 30% over Big Blue's previous top-of-the-line desktop workstation. IBM is targeting the new machine for tasks such as structural analysis and electronic-circuit simulation.

The workstation comes equipped with 64 Mbytes of memory, a 1-Gbyte internal disk, POWER GXT150M graphics adapter, 32k instruction cache, and 128k data cache.

IBM also announced the Model 39H UNIX server, offering a 25% jump in speed compared to an earlier model.

In addition, IBM said it has designed the industry's first PowerPC-based X-terminal, the Xstation 160, featuring a PowerPC 603 microprocessor.

And, IBM beefed up its POWERparallel systems with several hardware and software enhancements, including an RS/6000-based processor for the IBM SP2 computer system. The Thin Node 2 processor features a faster data-flow design; IBM engineers say it provides up to a 40% enhancement over the earlier design.

Flexible software quickens design time

Windsor, CT -When designing a fuel-injection system, Diesel Technology, Wyoming, MI, faces the hurdle that injector moving parts must junction in a high- pressure environment. CAD helps engineers produce designs to overcome that problem.

Diesel Technology officials say the combination of CADKEY(R), DRAFT-PAK(R), and DMS-PRO(R) packages works best for its engineering design system.

The ability to switch from wireframe to surface to solid models, and back, all in 3-D, helps Diesel Technology develop design concepts more easily. "I do not want to have to be constantly changing en-tities into like types to manipulate the design," explains Design Engineer Diane Ellis. "We needed the flexibility, for example, of being able to trim a wireframe entity to a surface or to a solid, or a solid to a surface or to a wire frame."

CADKEY also helps by eliminating such steps as manually calculating the position of the holes to maximize wall thickness, and then cutting apart the fully machined bodies to

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