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Is it money or kindness that makes the world go round?

Trick question! Engineers makes the world go round. And successful engineering requires smart, creative people with expertise in their fields.

Are engineers being paid what they are worth? Do they plan to stick with engineering careers? Are engineers happy with the way their fields are changing?

Take Design News ’ 2016 North America Career & Survey to help us track compensation throughout engineering. With the results, we’ll be able to share the most accurate information on salary trends and career concerns and confidences. The survey is a safe place -- we’ll keep responses anonymous -- so you can be free to say what needs to be heard.

Between now and Nov. 21, 2016, we hope you’ll find about 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Once we crunch the numbers, we’ll put the data on DesignNews.com, empowering you to get the most out of your next career and salary review discussion. We will also walk through the results at December’s Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, Calif.

Take the survey here and thank you for your help!

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