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A solid career, hopefully filled with days doing something you enjoy that contribute to the world, is a big part of that. And, second, to, ahem, get some credit! You didn’t become an engineer on your own, junior.

So this weekend, be sure to say thank you to your mom for all she’s done to help you through life and to make you the engineer you are today. And if you still feel the need for a store-bought gift, slippers are nice. Something with a rubber sole that will absorb a Lego impact.

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms of engineers and moms who are engineers out there.

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When Suzanne Deffree is not acting as Editor-in-Chief of Design News and Content Director for UBM Advanced Manufacturing, she spends her time inspiring two active young boys toward STEM, avoiding Lego minefields, and googling.

This blog was orginally published on May, 6, 2016.


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