8 STEM Activities to Fight Summer Boredom

Ah, summer. For young children, it brings eight glorious weeks of fun and freedom. For parents, eight weeks of shuffling, coordinating, and generally doing what can be done to ensure that fun and freedom don’t turn into boredom and wasted opportunity.

In the following slides, Design News offers eight STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activity options to keep kids engaged this summer, from 10-minute activities to more advanced undertakings.

Click on the image to flip through and be sure to add your own ideas in the comments field below.

Red Planet, here these kids come! NASA’s kids club offers a variety of fun, quick activities for aspiring astronauts. Check it out here. While you’re at it, check out Abigail Harrison, aka Astronaut Abby. This teenager has wanted to be an astronaut since she was 5 years old. She shares every step of her journey toward becoming the first astronaut on Mars through her website and social media, hoping to inspire others to become involved in STEM along the way. Children can’t help but be eager to move toward STEM when they see the amazing things Abby does.
(Image Source: NASA)

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