10 Ways for the <i>Design News</i> Community to Celebrate Engineering

It’s been a great Engineers Week! And it’s never too early to start preparing for next year -- I could start by wearing my radio-controlled propeller beanie around the house! Perhaps we engineers in the Design News community need a way to celebrate as a group. What would be some ways to do this? Here are a few of my thoughts. I’d be interested in getting yours.

  • 1) Wear a few loops of Ethernet cable around your wrist. (Use something similar if Ethernet cable doesn’t adequately represent your engineering discipline.)
  • 2) Create an engineering tree decorated with small engineering-related devices. Extra credit for ones that blink or make noise.

    (Source: Google Images}

  • 3) Send cards to fellow engineers in the Design News community. Use famous engineering quotes, diagrams, and equations to decorate the cards.
  • 4) Write an engineering-related song and share it with us.
  • 5) Create buttons that light up when other engineers are nearby.
  • 6) Print your own T-shirt with your favorite equation or diagram. Include some wearable technology to really show off what engineering is all about!

    (Source: Etsy)

  • 7) Use engineering terms in your regular speech -- even more than you normally do, kind of like Talk Like a Pirate Day but for engineers.
  • 8) Tell a non-engineer what you like best about being an engineer. Do this using zero engineering terms.
  • 9) Have a viewing party by catching episodes of a science-fiction TV show with fellow engineers. If you can’t agree on one, just watch a random “Dr. Who” episode -- it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.
  • 10) Have fellow engineers bring a broken mechanical device to a meetup. Pick one randomly out of the batch. See how far you can get fixing it as a team.

Together, we could find something that resonates (see how I used an engineering term?) throughout the Design News community -- something we can all do next year. Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

(The above suggestions might be focused on my engineering area, so I apologize if they are. Can you guess what my engineering background is?)

Warren Miller has more than 30 years of experience in electronics and has held a variety of positions in engineering, applications, strategic marketing, and product planning with large electronics companies like Advanced Micro Devices, Actel, and Avnet, as well as with a variety of smaller startups. He has in-depth experience of programmable devices (PLDs, FPGAs, MCUs, and ASICs) in industrial, networking, and consumer applications and holds several device patents.


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