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Design News  owns the largest trusted community of design engineers in the horizontal engineering space. Coverage at Design News is based on four key pillars, which are the backbone of just about every design project: Electronics & Test, Automation & Control, Materials & Assembly, and Design Hardware & Software. A few of the application areas popular with Design News readers include consumer electronics, automotive, medical, industrial controls, and military/aerospace/defense.

Design News provides a channel for two-way communications amongst the engineering community. The content can take the form of design application articles, blogs, product teardowns, webinars, and so forth.  Design News  is also the leader in online education.

To be successful in their jobs, our readers need information on new technologies and products. They need and want to know how new solutions compare with existing products and how and where their engineering peers are using them. In particular, they are interested in the specific tradeoffs and issues that are inherent in the adoption of new technology in a design effort and how other engineers manage those tradeoffs.

Design News  is the only engineering resource to provide this kind of highly useful, practical editorial content both in print and online. We are committed to packaging and delivering that content in a format that is both quick and intuitive for busy engineers to access, whether it's within our print publication, supplements, bi-weekly technology eNewsletters, RSS feeds, or our extremely popular website.

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How to Write for Design News

Interested in contributing to Design News? There are many forms that your contribution can take. The two most common are blogs and design articles.

If you’d like to submit a blog, contact Managing Editor Chris Wiltz or Editor in Chief Suzanne Deffree with your idea. We are pretty liberal with the topics for blogs. In general, they have to be of interest to our readers professionally, and they can promote your company and/or its products. Length can vary widely, depending on the topic and depth. Suggested length is between 300 and 1,000 words along with any photos or illustrations that may go along with it. Submit a short bio and a headshot of the author with the blog.

Design articles almost always appear on DesignNews.com before they go into print. And not every article that we accept will appear in print, although most that meet our standards will appear on DesignNews.com. The best place to start for